Sunday, October 7, 2007

his eyes

Oh! What they do to me. They see into the very core of me. He understands the profound depth of my love for him. Those little almond shaped eyes, the window not only to his soul, but to my own. He is my heart, outside my body. God how I love this little man.


Anonymous said...


PJ is beautiful. Please keep posting, I love the pix.

How is everything else going in your lives? Drop a like whenever.


Clark Mama said...

He is beautiful!

Denise Pequignot said...

Found your blog thru DSTNI that Kathy had posted. You are so blessed my this little guy, you wont believe how much he will amaze you, sure he already has. Havent gotten a chance to read your blogs but just wanted to pop in for now, will add to my favorites. I dont blog but do have a webpage for my special girl