Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 months old today

5 months old today
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Hello everyone. I wanted to post a commemoration to PJ's 5 month birthday. He's doing very well. He smiles a lot, even has decided his grandma is worthy of smiles, which pleases her a great deal. He's eating cereal and baby food now, the only thing he really doesn't like is peas, but if you mix in apple sauce, he'll even eat that! He has turned over a couple of times, probably by accident, since he wont do it repetitively. He loves chewing on his hands, or my hands, or his grandma's chin, and has a VERY strong bite! Thankfully, no teeth popping thru yet. He's even made himself cry by biting down on his own fingers so hard. Strong jaws! He ooohs and aaahs, and if he's mad, he grunts and sounds petulant and demanding. He barely naps, but sleeps all night, from about 8pm to about 6 am. His developmental therapy has been increased from once a month to weekly starting this week, so we'll see how well he tolerates all the additional floor time. He is scheduled for an evaluation later this month, so that a few specialists can see him and recommend what other therapies he might need, ie speech, physical, occupational.

He's grown soo much. When first born, all of his newborn clothes were too big. If it wasn't preemie, it was huge. He's gone from those, to newborn, to 0-3 months and now fits nicely in most 3 months, or 3-6 months. He's made it up to a size 2 diaper. His hair is returning, and I just love him to pieces! So, that's it from the home front. I hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

He is just too adorable for words! Keeghan had those same jammies!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy:

PJ looks Great!!!! I'm very glad to hear he is doing so well. I am very happy his DT time has been increased. That early intervention is the key to getting our little angels off on the right foot. Make sure you challenge them to give you as much time with him as you can.

I've been meaning to ask, how is his tracking? Visual? Krissy had low muscle tone in her eyes, they crossed and wiggled a lot when she tried to focus on things. Is PJ ok with that?

As always....Love ya! Say hey to Daniel and Becca too.


Laura said...

i just found your blog. What a precious little man you have. I have enjoyed reading about him. Hope to keep up with how he is doing.

Leah said...

Little late in chiming in here. Now he's almost 6 months old! LOL Can't believe that time has passed so quickly. He's a very handsome little man.