Monday, March 17, 2008

6 months old

He doesn't always look so sleepy, it's the flash on the camera. He blinks! almost every time. It seems that this time in his life has him becoming more aware, more alert, and enjoying his jumperoo and his exersaucer. Finally. I've been putting him in them for the last 2 months or so, only to take him out right away because he doesn't want to be there. Over the past week or two, he's actually starting to like them, giving me a wonderful opportunity to put something ELSE in my arms. Like laundry, or vacuum, or nothing if I so choose. His floor time doesn't seem like such a waste anymore, either. He'll lift up really well when on his tummy, actually scooting around in a circle over time. (accidental, I think, but still...) And from his back, he turns to his side for a better view of what's around. Fine motor still a little sluggish.. even though he wants to put a toy in his mouth, he usually ends up dragging it across his face until he finds his mouth, only to discover it's his hand going in, not the toy. I know he'll get there, and he's teaching me to be a more patient person.

A trip to the ENT last week was totally fruitless. His little ears are soooo tiny, that they were unable to see in them, or get a hearing test done. I know he can hear, I don't fear hearing loss, but I guess it's something our babies have issues with, and the clinic wanted to know. We'll go back in 3 months to try again. Next week is his 6 months check up and blood draw for thyroid. He still has a clogged tear duct, not sure when we deal with that. It's not horrible, he's just always got one mildly goopy eye. That's it from here for now. More updates soon!!


Anonymous said...


Ya gotta love those chubby little cheeks!!!

Krissy's ear canels were tiny and went upward, so even the ENT had a hard time with them. She wound up with tubes at about 18 months.

How is Mom doing? How's life in NC?

Miss ya! Love Ya!!!!

Christina said...

He is just so adorable!