Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Updates on a few things

Sorry for the delay in between updates, there’s always something to update about, but hardly seems to be the time to sit and get it done.

Thyroid: PJ’s blood test was done last week, (which he did very well at, I should add) All within normal range. I don’t have the numbers, but the Ped’s office called and told me he’s ok. yay.

Rolling: Yes, he’s rolling over, he can roll from front to back, but prefers back to front, and always to his right. He’s been consistently rolling over now for about 2 weeks, and the other night, rolled in his sleep. It woke us up, because he sleeps in his pack-n-play right now, in our room and it was too difficult to roll back over, and his grunting woke us up.

Space: He’s sleeping in his pack-n-play because there’s not enough room in our room at my mom’s for his crib, which is in storage, along with most everything else we own, since we moved here end of October, 2007. We finally found a house to rent. PJ will have his own room, Becca, of course will have her own room. It’s only about 2 or 3 miles from my mom’s. It’s a very nice house. We lucked out. The landlords are a very nice couple, in their mid 60’s, who live right next door. They are really nice and seemed to like us, and we’re going over this evening to give them a deposit, and if all goes like it’s supposed to, we’ll be moving this weekend. The only downside is even though it’s close, it’s out of the elementary school’s zone that Rebecca goes to, so we’ll be delaying notifying the school of the move until end of school year. Sweet deal that it is in the correct zone for the correct Middle school, so all will be fine after May of this year. I’m going to continue being a stay at home mom for now, please keep Daniel in your thoughts, it’s very hard on him.

More to come, when there’s more to tell.
hugs to all!!