Saturday, June 28, 2008

Explosion of new abilities

Yesterday was PJ's 9 month check up. I got to go over all that he can do with his Dr. It seems that his gross motor has just exploded, every day something new just about. His speech (vocal sounds) is coming right along, too. I think soon it will be time to get him OT, maybe I need to talk to his services coordinator and see when we can do this.

Monday he started sitting up on his own, and now, Saturday, he's a pro at it. Yesterday he started getting up on hands and knees and rocking back and forth. He wants to crawl sooooo bad, but his coordination needs work. he ends up face planting during the first step of an attempted crawl. I'm glad he's a tough little dude. He also is trying to pull up to standing, as of yesterday; hence the blog title - Something just seems to have clicked for him.

His Dr. also found a little indentation on the front bottom gum, where she is sure a tooth is. It may still be awhile, but at least I know to look out for it.

His naps are finally falling into place, and he takes 2 a day, at least one hour each, sometimes longer. (yay!)

Stats from check up:

Weight - 19 pounds
Length - 25-1/2 inches
Head Circ. - 18-1/4 inches


Becca said...

Hi, Kathy! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Wow, he is sooooooooo handsome! Maybe a little too young for Samantha, though... :-) That's awesome about his sitting up--I remember what a shock it was to go into Sammi's room and see her sitting up in her crib--I nearly fell over! It sounds like he's doing amazingly--I've bookmarked your site and will visit again soon!

Melanie said...

He is doing so awesome!! And he's a big boy! Great picture! He's also got a great head of hair!