Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are you Kiddin' Me???

I'm so disgusted with myself and my ability to figure out my little boy I could just cry. He's 13 and a half months old, and been throwing up since July!!! His "reflux" started about the time he started his thyroid medicine, and I automatically assumed it was the meds. Back and forth on the phone with the endocrinologist who insisted it was not the meds, but humored me and switched brands to prove to me that it wasnt. Well, he was right. It didn't matter which thyroid med we used, PJ continued to throw up. It didn't seem to ever really bother him, but man what a mess! Sometimes a few minutes after a bottle, sometimes a few hours. Never any pattern. Usually liquid, but every now and then some consistency after a meal, as he eats pasta and other easy to manage foods. The pediatrician put him on Zantac. It did nothing. So then she put him on Prevacid. This really didn't help, either, so then she put him on Prilosec. Really not much difference, if any at all. He has an appointment late in November with a ped.G.I, but in the mean time, what do I do???? Ok, so, he finally runs out of formula, and last week I switch him to whole milk. I'm looking forward to seeing some improvement, as I've heard this can help. After a day on whole milk, the throw up changes consistency and odor. It becomes cottage cheese in his tummy, and comes up stinkin'! At this point, I've waited for him to become more mobile and upright, understanding that this will help sometimes, It didn't. Then I wait to change him to whole milk, understanding that this sometimes helps. It didn't. I went to the store and bought a half gallon of Silk Soy (vanilla) and started him on it yesterday. He's had a few small spit ups, maybe what's normal for a 13 month old, but NOTHING like what has been happening for the past 4 month. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My son acquired a problem with milk? He wasn't born with it, which never helped me in my search to finding the problem. Oh I'm such a GOON. Why didn't I try changing up what was going in before?

I'm pleased to be able to say he'll probably start putting on weight, and I imagine he feels better.

Now if I could just get him to sleep through the night. He's had me up 2 or 3 times a night for the past week.


datri said...

Glad you found a problem with the reflux. We spent months trying to figure out issues on the other end (diarrhea). GI issues are so frustrating!! I'd be careful with too much soy, though, since there can be hormonal issues. We ended up switching to rice milk.

Becca said...

Oh, wow! That's great! You may see some incredible changes in your little guy now! Samantha threw up all the time, but she was one of the ones that saw a decrease as she got more mobile & vertical. Also, she was still on formula until 24 months (twice a day), and the minute we stopped the formula, the refluxing stopped! Go figure. Now the only time she throws up is if she bends over too soon right after drinking milk or juice. Heck, so would I.

Shea said...

Don't beat yourself up! I just found out A.J. needs glasses. They have been pulling her out for math lessons because she can't tell the difference between certain numbers. Now that she can SEE I hope she does not have to have extra help lol. Glad you figured out what was wrong with P.J.

Carmen said...

Don't feel bad!! I nursed Jaemen until he was 18 months then he had cow's milk and began throwing that up constantly! I tried Soy but because he has hypothyroidism they suggested rice milk! Well let me tell ya, it's GREAT!!!! No issues, his tummy is doing good and no more puke issues! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Kim said...

I am so glad you were able to solve the milk issue. I'm surprised the doctors didn't think of it themselves. Go figure. I'm sure PJ is feeling much better!

Kristen said...

Hi Kathy! How are things going with the reflux? Glad you stopped by to check in. I started to call you the other day, but then the doctor called us back and I never had the chance to try again.

I would love it if you came by!!! Just give me a call so I can tell you where we are! HUGS!!!

~~~Ok, so I have been trying to post this multiple times and flippin' blogger keeps saying that I am putting in the wrong password. Grrrr...~~~