Tuesday, June 23, 2009

omgosh! has it really been 3 months?

Wow. Its been 3 months since last post. Time is flying by and I haven't been keeping up with it at all well. I don't really have any photos organized to show updates, but I was lovingly reminded today it was time to be heard from again. *sheepish grin*

OK. PJ is now 21 months old. He's wonderful and amazing. He's stubborn, spoiled and demanding. And he's mine all mine. He walks perfectly, we bought a little ladder and ball pit (blow up baby pool with 300 balls) He learned how to climb the ladder in one PT session, and now does it for fun, even when no one's looking. 300 balls might have been a little excessive, since he loves throwing them all over the house, hiding them under furniture, in the couch cushions, wherever. And as soon as he sees us start collecting them to return them to the pool, well, that's his cue to start emptying the pool again. Oh, its so cute. (ahem)

His vocabulary is still pretty minimal, words recognized are, momma, daddy, becca, banana, ball, diaper, hey, kitty and woof woof. WE recognize them most of the time, you might not. example his word for diaper sounds a lot like bopper. I know the understanding is there, because when I tell him "come on, PJ, lets go change your diaper, he races me to his room, where the changing table and diapers are.

In a 3 month period, he gained approx 3 pounds, and about an inch and a half, hes still a short little chubster, and he will likely always be, and thats just perfect.

He also has lately tried breathing under water in the tub! Not good. You'd think he would have figured THAT out after the first try. He came up choking and panicked and puking water, oh it was scary, and the very next bath, he tried again. Dear Lord. I was RIGHT THERE. He was sitting nicely, splashing, playing with toys. and then boom, from a seated position, in like zero seconds, his face is in the water, and then he's scrambling to get out, scared and choking. And this has happened twice. Jiminy Christmas! My nerves! He's still alive.

Becca got her final report card, she stayed AB honor roll all year. It's late, and we're all good, sorry for the length of time between posts, I'll try to be better.

Hugs all around.


Leah said...

Hey! Nice to see you posting again! Can't wait to see some new pics of that boy!

Courtney said...

Sounds like PJ's doing wonderfully! That's great!

I chuckled when you said that you all know what he's saying, even if no one else does. It's just like that here, too! We speak fluent "Lucy"!

Kim said...

Glad to see you posted. I stop by ever so often and surprise today I saw a new post! Glad to hear everything is going well!