Saturday, July 28, 2007

30 weeks pregnant, read all about it. :o)

30 weeks pregnant, read all about it. :o)
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Hi everyone. Had THREE appointments this week, so here's the run down.
Monday, I had a regular ob/gyn appt, where they weigh you, listen to the baby heartbeat, answer any questions. It was a different doctor, I meet a new one of 4 or 5 each time I go back, so they'll all be familiar with me when it comes time to bring little PJ into the world. The nice thing about this practice is, all the doctors are women.

I've lost almost 4 lbs since the gestational diabetes discovery, and on Thursday, when I went to see the specialist who is monitoring my sugar, I asked him which is worse, stay on the "diet", not get enough calories, (I just can't get down 2100 calories a day of all really really healthy stuff), and continue to lose weight, OR, carbo load once a day, keep my weight steady, and risk having my sugar spike? ( I kind of figured those were my only options), Well, he clearly doesn't want me losing any more weight, but didn't seem to think carbo loading was ok either. Basically, I'm to return to as normal as possible, and watch my sugars, if they spike, figure out what it was that did it, and try to eliminate/substitute that. - uhhh, ok. sure, Doc, I'll get right on that.

Today was a growth tracking ultrasound we got to watch little PJ grab his foot, do some practice breathing, and NEVER NEVER NEVER stop moving, not even for a second! Oh dear God. The ultrasound technician told me his estimated weight is 3 lbs 4 ounces, which I believe is slightly above the norm, but am not certain. And if so, is it due to the diabetes, or genetics?

Next week starts my twice a week monitoring, non stress test at the ob/gyn early in the week, then ultrasound late in the week at the specialist, to monitor growth, practice breathing, movement, etc. - Kind of makes me wish I was salaried and not hourly, you know?

Anyway, here's a pic of him today, I'm thinking it's daniel's nose, which is fine. We'll see.


twospike said...

Kathy you seem to be doing so well. I am excited. I hope he is a big boy like his dad. I think I can see Daniel in him. Ha Ha Ha ... You know if you keep going like you are it won't be long after PJ is born and you wont even look like you had a baby. My prayers are with you always. Talk to you soon.

Love Suzie

jacknbellasmama said...

Thanks for the update Kathy...I've been wondering how everything's been going. It won't be too long now! Kristin (from DownSyn)