Monday, December 10, 2007


I thought it was just a cold. I took him to the Dr. last week Thursday and she said it was bronchiolitis, so we started treating him for that (nebulizer). He wasn't any better today, so back we went. She sent us over to the hospital for a chest xray. By day's end she was calling, telling us there was a small amount of pneumonia present, and to go get the new prescription. He's on amoxicillan and prednazone. Daniel is a mess, he doesn't worry about things, he's a "I don't give a f_ _ _" kind of person, normally. I'm just waiting to see how much gray hair he has tomorrow morning. LOL.

I feel certain PJ will be fine, and won't need to be hospitalized, but if you pray, please include him.

Thanks and love to all,