Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Update

Yesterday was PJ's follow up at the pediatrician's office. I really like those people. Anyway, after all is said and done, his lungs sounded perfectly clear. No need to re-do the x-rays, because he's feeling so good. No fever, great appetite, great color, energetic and happy. He is 14 wks old yesterday, or 3 months and one week. 11 pounds, 8 oz. His appetite is second only to his daddy's. lol.

Rebecca is adjusting to life in North Carolina well, although she misses her friends, and hasn't found a "best friend" like she had in Tennessee. She's doing great in school, and is finally (fingers crossed) outgrowing her tomboy stage, even asked me for some "girly" clothes for Christmas.

Daniel is working full-time. He seems happier here in NC, too. We've only gotten to go visit his family once since being back, but that's because PJ was sick for 3 weeks. I think we'll be going to see them the weekend after Christmas.

My mom has adjusted pretty well to our being here, taking over her house. We try to respect her boundaries, and she has friends that she goes out with, social activities to get her mind off of us, and she loves hanging out with Rebecca. They go places together, to the movies, shopping, etc. Becca loves her grandma, too.

With all the stress of my topsy-turvy life, my skin has decided that it's all-out war, and I cannot get it back to decent looking. It's red, red, red! And SOOOOO dry. Doesn't matter what cleanser I use, or what moisturizer, it's irritated beyond belief. I remember it being this way last time we lived in NC. I need to see a dermatologist, I guess. Maybe now that PJ is better it will calm down some. I'm not sure how I feel about anything, not having the time to look inward. I guess I'm glad we're here, but I really miss Spring Hill, TN, and the friends we made, and were making, the life we had. It sucks having to start over, with medical bills galore, no money, not even for a place of our own. Sorry, I'm whining. Enough of that crap. I am thankful for family. For my beautiful children. For my husband who has been supportive and understanding of my inability to leave PJ in someone else's care and go find a job to help bail us out. I just can't do it. Not yet. He's starting to give us those smiles, you know the ones, the ones that say - "Hey - I know you, and I think you are the best!" Better late than never, right?

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year, too.

Much love from me to you.



Anonymous said...


It is so nice to hear that life is getting good there in NC. If I can let you in on a'll always want to be home with PJ. We felt the same way about Krissy and wnet through all the same problems as you too. I still envy you though.

Bless you, Daniel, Rebecca and little PJ. Have a great Christmas.

Your TN friend

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Gotta love those smiles! I am so sad you moved before we got a chance to meet! One of my good friends just moved to Spring Hill too, so it would have been easier for me to visit. *sigh* I pray you guys find peace where you are now!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Garcia Family
Frank, Renee,
Kassidy, Kameron,
Kennedy & Keeghan site name: KennedyGarcia

Kacey Bode said...

Your little PJ is SO cute!!! My Ella had pnemonia when she was 3 months old too. Yuck. Hope he is feeling better!