Saturday, January 12, 2008

Four months old

Four months ago today, my little miracle came into the world. He is so sweet and yes, a little spoiled. If I decided today to stop spoiling him and be "tough" with him, he'd still get spoiled by Grandma, Sissy, and Daddy, so what the heck, right? Anyway, I just needed to commemorate this day, and a blog seemed appropriate.

As far as milestones, the one I'd hoped he'd reach by now and hasn't done yet is turning over. So far he just doesn't seem interested.

He grabs for toys that are within reach, including his sisters hair.
He recognizes my voice and my face, and graces me with a big smile. He does this for his daddy, and his big sissy, too. Grandma he's still a little not too sure of, and so far, he's withholding smiles from her.
He kicks and stands supported.
He talks to his sissy (oooooooo) and today he sang with her (again, oooooo)
I started spoon feeding him a week ago, oatmeal. He likes it, and there's enough fiber in it to help keep the constipation away. (yay)

That's it for this update, take care all.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

it sounds like he is doing just GREAT and he's SO adorable! That smile could melt anyone's heart :). Happy 4 month birthday!!! :)

Christina said...

He is just too cute! Don't you worry Momma, he will be doing all that stuff, in his time. Happy 4 month birthday!