Friday, April 9, 2010

What would You do? (Iron deficiency)

I don't have the numbers, but if you could consider the post without actual stats and comment, I'd be grateful.

We've been battling a low iron problem with PJ for the past few months, and by a mis-communication between dr's office and myself, I had him on multi vitamins, but no iron for a month, which is why it's taken so long to begin to address the issue. Here's the thing. Pediatrician just recommended 4 times 100% (FOUR TIMES) the daily amount of iron, for a month, and then a recheck. Seems really extreme to me. I was thinking maybe 100% of the daily recommended amount for a month with a recheck then. I think I'm cautious because I've heard that high iron is very abrasive in our kids systems, because of the extra chromosome. (or something like that) I've voiced this concern to the Ped. She's not the easiest person to get on the phone, her guard dog nurse is always the one to call me back. I'm not unhappy with his care there overall, I just would love some opinions on what would YOU do?


Anonymous said...

I would get some Floradix. The iron in it is plant-based and much, much easier on the system (not to mention better absorbed). I believe they even have a pediatric version. I'd give him a normal dose, not a 4x dose! (Doesn't the ped know that overdoses of iron can be fatal?!)

Do you have any Ds specialists in your area? I know of one locally, she might do a phone consult... I don't know about the whole iron/abrasive issue but someone certainly should!

Anonymous said...

BEETS. good old raw beets, full of iron and fun to chew

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