Friday, July 8, 2011

Hi there (a year later) I'm coming back!

Well, Im back, or going to TRY to be. Sorry for the hiatus, no excuses, just wanted to "be alone", if you know what I mean.

Here's where we are today: PJ had tonsils and majority of adenoids removed about 3 weeks ago. The recovery was bad. Up most nights, trying to stay ahead of the pain, worried about him dehydrating. But as bad as it was, I've heard of much worse, like kids going to hospital for IV fluids, so, thankfully, it wasn't all THAT bad for us. He's recovered quite well now, getting over the narcotics dependency quickly, and no longer needing even Motrin. He's sleeping beautifully, laying down all night, not having apnea episodes at all that I've been able to detect, so it was worth it. Hopefully we'll see after school restarts if he continues to get sick every week. I sure hope not.

He made it thru his first year of preschool, with flying colors. He's jabbering all the time, knows many many words, although they are still not very clear. He knows many signs. Not enough to converse with, but still they help to convey some basic wants, or ideas.

Rebecca is fabulous, she was accepted into our county's early college high school in the health science area. School starts August 8th for her, she's very excited, and we are all very very very proud of her.

Everything else is as it has been, Daniel still has his full time job, and we are squeaking by. I am still unemployed and trying to learn how to be a big time couponer. We'll see how I do.

Anyway, glad to be back. :o)


Becca said...

Welcome back!! Glad to see the updates - sounds like everything's going well. :-) Hope the next update isn't so long in the making...