Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chicken Nuggets (aka eating habits)

PJ is a "pretty good" eater. At least, when he's hungry and when he's being given something he likes. I know "our" kids can be picky eaters, and stubborn, so I guess I should be happy there is more than one thing he will eat for dinner.

Currently his favorite food is chicken nuggets. (Tyson) He will also eat a grilled cheese sandwich, pizza, french fries, and spaghetti. He likes broccoli, and raw carrot sticks with ranch dressing, but not many other vege's. He LOVES ice cream. He loves pretzel sticks. He'll eat corned beef hash and eggs, if I smother it with ketchup.

He HATES rice of any kind, beans of any kind, and macaroni and cheese. Really? Yes, really. for breakfast it's either a smoothie, fresh fruit (he loves fruit) and pretzel sticks, or pancakes.

He goes through periods of liking something, and then all of a sudden, doesn't ever want to see it again. He's at this point with oatmeal, and mini ravioli.

I would love to know about your kids, their likes and dislikes, and how you get around it.