Monday, October 3, 2011

Trigger Thumb

PJ has a condition called Trigger Thumb. We first noticed it a few months ago, and although it freaked us parents out, it didn't seem to bother PJ, so we waited until his next pediatrician appointment to mention it to his dr. After describing his locking thumb to her, she named it trigger thumb, and said surgery is the answer, and said when we were ready, she'd set us up an appointment with an ortho dr. That visit was today. Over the past few weeks, each episode has become more uncomfortable for him, so we've scheduled surgery for Thursday, October 20. Its a 10 minute procedure, or less, and the dr. said the biggest struggle would be to keep the dressing on the surgery site. My biggest worry is how he will handle the whole surgery set up, remembering how traumatized he was after the tonsillectomy. Anyway, that's it for now.


echo said...

Hi kathy, I stopped by after you commented on my post about my brother Lance, I love what I see here, and see you already know that every child can be a blessing.

Dixie Goode