Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome 2012.

Well, life continues on as normal. Christmas has come and gone, New Years has past. It's winter time, (I hate the cold) the kids are in school (except for today, as it's MLK day). Rebecca is doing great in school, working hard all the time to get good grades, knowing that this will be her ticket to higher education. The school Becca goes to is a magnet school, an early college that crams 6-7 years of education into 4-5 years. When it's over, Rebecca will have completed high school and be halfway through her bachelors curriculum in the health sciences field of study. Now, this means that her school is 100% academics. No sports, no music, no art. Rebecca is artistic, and we've been trying to figure out how she can continue to feed this part of herself, since she isn't getting it at school. Well, she figured it out. Hopefully she will become a popular and successful vlogger, raising awareness, promoting acceptance and inclusion. I love this girl!

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