Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome to your life, little PJ

Hi everyone. I'm home. I got home Saturday, and my world is upside down. I came home with a lot more stuff than I left with, and even though I am a Virgo, I am very unorganized, so there is stuff everywhere. Mom came 2 days ago, from NC, and will stay for 2 weeks - thank God. Daniel was off work all week last week, except for Monday, same as me, and wont return to work until Wednesday. This is a very good thing, because if I can get him motivated, HE is very organized. Mom is a big help, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, etc, just like a housewife. lol. I'm really glad she's here.

So here's what happened... Little PJ was stressed, and had a few days (not consecutive) of listlessness, lethargy, just overall inactivity. Me, being a worry wart, kept 2nd guessing myself as to whether or not I was overreacting and held off going to the hospital. I finally went Wednesday morning, thinking they'd tell me how silly I was, to go home and come back if there were a "real emergency". Well, shame on me - I should've trusted my instincts on being worried days before, because he was having a hard time. Every time I had a contraction, (I was not in labor, just having the occasional contraction) his heart rate would slow down. And he wasn't having any of the normal heart rate spikes of a happy baby, just a slow, steady heart rate. So the doctor decided at 36 weeks, 5 days of gestation that the baby would do much better out rather than in, and that labor was not going to be good for him, and they prepped me for a c-section. Daniel was great, held my hand and talked to me, never peeked around the curtain at the gore on the other side. We heard little PJ's cry together, and shared an eye-locking moment of awe and pure joy. We welcomed him, 3 weeks early, at 17 inches long, 5 pounds, 6.6 ounces. He has a good amount of light brown hair, and eyes are still to be determined. I can say that we all think he looks a lot like his daddy.

I looked, upon first view, for the "downs" in him. Saw it right away, in his eyes. I can say now, 5 days later, I don't see it anymore. I know it's there, and that's fine. I just don't see it. I see the most beautiful baby boy that I have ever seen. I see perfection. I see an angel. I see more love than I have ever been faced with, even having had 2 daughters, whom I dearly love.

I'm bruised and very sore, but starting to feel better. Rebecca cried when she first saw him, saying "oh! He's so beautiful!" She's going to be a great big sister! She's helping out already.

Being early, he's had a few complications with jaundice and body temperature control, but we have an appointment today, Monday, with the pediatrician, and I expect to get a clean bill of health for him. He's feeding wonderfully! He sleeps a lot, which I plan to enjoy while it lasts. And that, my dear friends, is how it happened. I'm going back to bed now. Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...


Little PJ is beautiful.

Drop me a line sometime when you can.


Suzie said...

What a beautiful creation. He is a gift from GOD. Can't wait to hold him. Give him a kiss from
Na-Na and Poppy.