Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year

Has GOT to be better, please?

PJ had his endoscopy the other day, and did just fine, he did NOT cry all the way to the hospital because he was starving, which was something I really worried about. He actually fell asleep on the way, even though he slept all night. Sweet! The Dr. said that everything LOOKS normal, but got biopsies and we'll have those results early next week.

In the mean-time, I met a lady in the waiting room who's little 2 month old baby girl was having OHS. I encouraged her, telling her that I "know" (in the online community) a bunch of little ones who had to have ohs and they do SO well. During our wait for PJ's procedure she mentioned to me that her baby's doctors had her on Reglan. A drug used to move food through the stomach faster, in order to gain some weight. I hadn't ever heard about it. So...

The day after the scoping, as PJ was vomiting everywhere, which is what he does after EVERY meal, I called the GI and asked why couldn't PJ be on Reglan while we waited for the biopsy results, just to keep SOME calories in him, he's lost a pound in the last 2 weeks!! (That's 5% of his body). So, he said ok, but I was to call him immediately if I saw any side effects. So, I began to look up Reglan and the effects that can occur, and spoke with Leah on the phone who told me about 2 kids that she knew of that had seizures because of Reglan, (Thanks again, Leah!) and I decided to just wait and see what GI recommends after biopsy comes back. I called the pharmacy and told them never mind. I really don't want to put PJ on a medicine that can have horrible side effects just to keep a cleaner house. It would be different if he were in pain, or if he were dehydrated. I know, I AM worried about the weight loss, but a few more days isn't going to make that big of a difference, I hope. It's hard to know always, the right things to do for a baby.

On another topic, now that the holidays are over, we are hoping and expecting to be able to find a job. One of us. Please God. Things are pretty scary for us right now. I won't go on and on, but believe me.

So, I hope that 2009 is a better year for everyone. I don't love money, I just hate not having ANY. And that's where we are. Please God.


denversavage said...

found my way here thru Rhett's journey. I am a medical sales rep for medical nutrition, GTubes, formula, that knd of thing. I work with families like yours evryday. I wanted to suggest having your GI doc test your little guy for allergies? There are formulas out there to help, if you know what he might be allergic too? Keep him off a gtube if possible. An allergy can trigger the vomiting, just a thought?

And I'll keep you in prayer-times are hard enough as it is, and this guy needs your very best! praying 2009 brings good tidings and joy, seriously. Janel

Shea said...

I know a lot of kids who took reglan and did not have seizures. I took it for a while too. I hope they do figure it out soon and he does better. I am also praying for your job situation!!!

Kristen said...

I'm glad you talked to Leah! My own GI did not recommend Reglan because of the side effects.