Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes, for those who might've been wondering....

I'm still alive. It's been quite some time since I took the time to sit down and post. And I apologize if that's an issue for anybody but me. I doubt that it is, but in case, it really wasn't meant to leave you out in the cold, it's just taking me this long to get it all together. I started my new full time job about 5 weeks ago. I work Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm, but I'm gone from the house from 7am to 6pm. PJ's usually wanting to go to bed between 7 and 8, so all of a sudden I have precious little time to spend with my very favorite little boy. It's a real bummer, but honestly I don't see any way to "fix" it. Daddy works in HVAC installation for new construction. The economy in NC is as bad if not worse than anywhere else in the country and there's absolutely NO new construction going on here, so, no job for daddy. His new job is the stay at home parent. He's doing a pretty good job of it, although many days I come home and PJ is still in the pajamas he woke up in. ugh. Well, hopefully the weather will start allowing them to go outside and play in the yard, and clothes will be more important to them.

PJ is doing so well gross motor wise, he's walking all around, he loves to squat down, pick up a toy, then stand back up without any support and go on his merry way. His last check up at the DS clinic at duke gave me these stats on him:

50th percentile on the DS growth chart for height, 75th percentile for weight, and 90th percentile for head. (big brains, need more room!)

He's got many teeth, they look pretty straight on the top, but crooked on the bottom. Theyre just baby teeth, so whatever. He waives hi and bye, claps, signs "more", gives big wet kisses (when HE chooses) Says mama, dada, baba (for Becca) nana (for banana, and according to Daddy, walked over to him the other day saying "hey" "hey" with a stinky diaper, as if to let daddy know it was time to change him. Pretty neat, huh?

Becca's doing wonderfully, she has a few good friends at school, she goes to church every Sunday with her grandma, and this past quarter was an all A honor roll student. I'm very proud of her.

That's about it for us, and now PJ is awake and I must go hang out with my little guy, I LOVE the weekends! Oh, and please don't think I'm not reading your blogs, even when I don't comment, I'm reading, trying to stay caught up.

Take care, my friends!


Courtney said...

It's so great to hear all is well. I figured since your last post was to announce that PJ was walking that your absence was attributed to spending all your time chasing him around!! :)

Kristen said...

What a great update! I am so thankful for your job! Amen to your prayers. How's PJ's GI stuff going?