Monday, September 15, 2008

One Year Check Up Stats

PJ had his check up today, and one of however many shots. We decided to break them up, he'll get one a month for the next few months. Today was Polio. Next month he'll get Hep C, and the flu shot. We're still waiting for word from medicaid about the rsv shot. He got it last year, but to be honest, he's been so healthy, I wouldn't be surprised if they denied it this time around. We'll see.

He's doing very well, still growing, although the weight gain has slowed significantly (this probably because of all the throwing up - which is still happening, even on both prevacid AND zantac.)

Today he weighed in at 20 lbs, 1 oz. On 6/28 he was 19 lbs.
He is now 27.25 inches, so in one year he's grown 10.25 inches. He's still a shorty, but his weight is height appropriate.

He is scheduled to see a Ped.GI, but not until November. His regular Ped is trying to get him an appt sooner, but only if there's a cancellation will we get one.

Tomorrow a new ENT office, and another hearing test, hopefully this guy can see into PJ's ears, because the last one could not.

PJ crawls all over the place, we'll be getting a gate for the kitchen, and have to close all the doors to keep him in view. He pulls to standing and does some side-stepping. He's starting to take an interest in TV (Noggin) to be exact, he loves "Jack's Big Music Show" That's when he gets his jumperoo time now, when we switch the tv on for him. He jumps to the music.

The Ped started making noises about weaning him off the bottle. I know he's not ready yet though, I'm not going to push that on him until he's a little more adept at managing the sippy cup or the straw cup. We practice with one or the other of them daily, but he needs too much help with them to toss the bottle, besides, bottle time is cuddle time and also it's how he goes to sleep. I promise, that when his top teeth start to make an appearance, I'll work on weaning him off the bottle.

Still unemployed, both of us.

I guess that's it from here for now, feel free to ask if I've left something off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy. Your baby is adorable! I just wanted to quickly post that there is NOT a vaccine for Hepatitis C. Wish there was! Sadly, Hep C is an unrecognized epidemic in this country and few are talking about it or educating the public about it. It is only spread blood to blood.
There are vaccines for Hepatitis A and B though and I am sure your pediatrician will let you know when it is time for them. Sometimes babies get the Hep B even before they leave the hospital. He might have already received his Hep B shot. I know you are taking wonderful care of him and he IS adorable! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I should have said he might have already received his FIRST Hep B shot. It is a series. Sorry for any confusion.

Kim said...

Glad to hear he is doing well! Hope those mean ouchies don't hurt too bad! Sorry to hear you haven't found jobs yet. Times are tough. Praying you'll find something soon.