Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rebecca's gift to me

She wrote me a poem. Here it is, verbatim:

Happy Birthday!

I got thinking about what I was going to get you, and thought if I was going to get you anything that it should be touching.

When I'm blue
I come to you
You always know
just what to do
You're there when I'm sad
or even when I'm mad
and for that you make me glad
It's obviously true
that we're not the perfect two
and for that I love you
I thank you for what you give me
and today I thank you for your birth
because without you my life would be hurt


From Becca
To Mommy

Isn't she just amazing? I love this kid!


Bethany said...

That is SO stinkin sweet!

Shea said...

What a sweet poem she gave you. You are lucky to have such a caring daughter.