Saturday, September 20, 2008

umm, errr, and ahh, hmmm

Hi! Just a few things of minor significance, or maybe no significance at all...

1. family portraits

Tomorrow we're going to have our FIRST EVER family portraits done at Olan Mills. Daniel and I have been married since March, 2001 and we have never had our pictures done. Rebecca hasn't had her's done since she was maybe 2. (School pics, yes) I did have PJ's done at about 5 or 6 months, (once) but they weren't the best. I won't likely have any to post for a few weeks, and that's if I get them on disc, which I guess depends on how much they want for that, because I don't have a scanner, so I don't even know if I'll be able to share them here. I hope they turn out well.

2. Poop and vomit

(LOL) Don't we all blog about poop at one time or another? PJ is on miralax once a day. But, since starting the prevacid, his poops got looser than normal and so I backed off. Well, he's gone 2 days without a poop, even though I gave him miralax both days, and I'm concerned he'll wait till we get to the photographer to have a blowout. If no poop before, I'll pick up suppositories while at Kmart tomorrow. He's still throwing up, too, and gaining weight very slowly now, because of the onset of vomiting, for about the last 2 months. The pediatrician doesn't seem to know quite what else to do, the upper GI results seemed pretty normal. I asked for a Pediatric Gastroenterologist referral, and was given an appointment for November 21. I don't know what else to ask for, so I guess I'll just wait it out... Any thoughts?

3. Jobs

Neither of us have one yet. Daniel DID get approved for unemployment, so we're making it (barely) and I'm looking now too. Gosh this economy sucks.

4. Church

Daniel and I have not ever belonged to a church. Today I went to a church who was having a fair for special needs children. This church has a nursery/sunday school program that they say is SN equipped. I'm thinking about checking it out. Certainly won't hurt PJ or me to have a little Jesus in our lives, and who knows, maybe Daniel will join in. Rebecca goes to church with my mom, and isn't interested in going with me to this other church, I guess she feels that her grandma's church is her church home, and I certainly don't want to mess that up, so won't make any demands that she switch. While at the fair, PJ got a little sunburn on his widdew nose, should make for a cute photo tomorrow. :o) Also, we met probably 5 or 6 local families with kids like PJ. That makes me happy.

I guess that's about it for now. Thanks for reading along.


datri said...

Of course he'll have a blowout during family portait, LOL. At least you are thinking ahead!

Kim said...

I agree the economy stinks! We really struggled this month. Hope the pictures went well and that is great news about the church! I've really enjoyed your blog. I've sent you an award. Come visit my page to get it! Hope to see you at the Buddy Walk!