Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seven Days equals Three Years

The title? Oh, right. It means that we have 3 birthdays in our house in 1 weeks' time. Rebecca, the 5th, me, the 10th, and PJ the 12th. Crazy huh?

Yesterday was Rebecca's 12th birthday. She knew in advance that money is tight these days and her expectations weren't big. Grandma came over and we had cupcakes and ice cream. She got a few presents from Grandma, and then we gave her our gift. I started by telling her that I hoped she wasn't disappointed....

And of course she wasn't!

She had told me months ago that she wanted a DS from nintendo and recently I told her that she wouldn't be getting one, not because she doesn't deserve it, but because we couldn't afford it. She's so understanding, I don't think it was really bothering her that she wouldn't be getting one, but it was bothering me. She is such a huge help with PJ, and loving school and doing well. I wanted her to know my level of appreciation. And I know, monetary gifts and valuable items aren't necessarily the way to show appreciation, but hey, we both wanted to do this for her.

She's gone missing ever since. LOL. In her room playing, playing. But still happy to come out and help me when I ask her to. She's spending the night at Grandma's tonight, to go to Sunday school with her tomorrow.

This guy needs his first haircut!!

And will be getting one next week (probably before his first birthday, but just a few days) and I'll try to remember to get pictures, and I hope he does well. (too much to ask for a first haircut?)

I wouldn't' mind a haircut myself for my birthday, and maybe I'll actually get one. Not sure.

PJ got a new (to us) big boy car seat, and we set it up and drove with him in it today for the first time and he was SOOO happy. I forgot the camera, we were busy running errands, so I'll try to remember next time we go out - he loves his big boy car seat - facing front and looking around and eating his toes and clapping hands and feet. Happy happy happy.

So that, my friends, is why in my house one week equals 3 years.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to all 3 of you! How neat that you all share the same week. In our family, we have one in Dec. and Jan. Then 2 in Feb. and one in March.

rickismom said...

We have a lot of "grouoped birthdays too!
I think your one year-old looks fine even without a haircut!