Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Middle School

She's growing up! My baby girl, about to be 12 years old, started 6th grade today. She's excited to start this new phase, summer was a bit of a bore for her, I'm sorry to say. PJ has loved having her home for the summer, and he's going to miss her. I'm going to miss her too! PJ is becoming more demanding of attention, playing by himself in the morning, happy, but wanting someone to play with more and more. She gives me breaks during the day, and we're really going to miss having big sissy around.

It'll be fun helping with homework again, she's taking Spanish, and that should be fun. I speak it fluently, but never taught her, so I can definitely help with that, although I'm probably going to be useless with algebra, maybe she can teach me!

Here she is, my big girl.

Rebecca, you look mad, let's try it again.

Ok, a little better, I guess it's hard getting up at 6 am for the first time in a few months.

THERE'S my class clown! I hope you have a good day, Becca, and make new friends this year, and study hard, and remember how proud I am of you.


Leah said...

Go Becca! Angela is soooo excited for middle school. She doesn't start till the 2nd though, and she's driving me CRAZY! I hope Becca had a great day, reconnecting with friends and all the other stuff that goes along with the first day of school!

Cory said...

I hope her first day was as amazing as she is and I'm sure PJ will be as excited to see her come home as he did to see her in the mornings! Continue to try to get your rest breaks Mommy!!!! Love ya girl!