Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm having A dinner party!

I've seen this on several of the blogs I try to be loyal to, and thought it was a great Idea.

Here are the rules courtesy of Barking Mad

You are going to have a dinner party! Oh yes you are. Well OK, not a REAL dinner party, but hey, if you're so inclined, more power to ya. Anyhow, you're having this swell dinner party and you are going to invite ten bloggers.

Create a post telling us who you are inviting and what about that person's writing makes you think they'd be an intriguing/funny/interesting person to share a meal with. What have you learned about these people through reading their blogs and what would you hope to learn about them through breaking bread with them?

Please Go to Barking Mad if you do this and sign the Mr. Linky saying you participated.

Here's my list of invitees:

Dan Drinker and his brother Will. Will is making a documentary of his brother Dan's life, and accomplishing so many things with this. He's spending a lot of time with his brother. He's teaching. He's advocating. He's honing his craft. He's creating memories. He's sharing and uplifting the spirits of new parents like me by showing me it's all gonna be fine. Dan's last name is Drinker. My son, also named Dan's (goes by PJ) last name is Barr. Just seems right that I share mine with his.

My online friend Renee at Life With My Special K's. This woman completely amazes me, 4 kids, medical issues at every turn, a husband overseas and she just really keeps it all together. I, being an uprooted California girl too, would really like to meet her IRL, maybe glean some of her "togetherness" from her. Also, knowing that PJ would be born with DS in advance, it was the first thing I looked for at his birth, and I remember thinking - "he looks so much like Kennedy". I should know them IRL, right?

Meredith, and her crew over at Cornish Adoption Journey. I learned of her adventures and become emotionally and spiritually invested in her oldest adopted daughter, Emma. I've read along since before the actual adoption, and cheered for the whole family, but actually PRAYED for Emma during a very difficult time of heart failure and open heart surgery that had a better chance of killing her than healing her. She's thriving today, and I thank God.

Melanie of Baeten Family. Her little man Logan is SOOO cute, and I think PJ looks a good deal like him. I love seeing updated blogs about his progress.

My friend E, or Eileen. This woman fell in love with PJ before he was even born! And she supported us and cheered for us and even sent gifts! (Thanks again, E, for the bouncy seat!) She's a great friend who I want to meet IRL, and hope to, one day.

Shelley over at Husehold 6.
She's inspirational. Another military wife, who is strong and kind and together. She and her husband went to the ends of the earth to collect her kids, and I admire them.

Kacey at Ella Grace with the pretty face. We have to meet. PJ and Ella Grace are gonna fall in love one day. My only issue is, who moves where? Them to NC? Or us to WA? LOL.

Leah, of The Garden of Eagan,. I am encouraged by Leah, who has a life, AND an 11 year old girl. I love that she's discovering her adventurous side, acting on it, and sharing her wonderful times with us.

Charissa, another mom who needed one more, special child, and went and found her. These mom's make my heart sing. So much faith.

Dave atChewing the Fat. I recently was pointed in the direction of his blog, and am, in fact, still catching up. I find him to be very well spoken, a great advocate, and very thought provoking.

There are many others that I would invite, if I were really having this party, and I could somehow get us all in the same location, All of the blogs I keep up with have really good people writing them. I appreciate all of you, thanks for being my teachers.


Leah said...

Wow, Thanks for inviting me Kathy! ;-) And everyone you've invited are people who I'd love to sit down to a meal with as well, and "Chew the fat" a bit!