Saturday, August 30, 2008

My little dude is not feeling well :o(

Well, and other stuff.

I'm waiting for a call back from the nurses line. PJ actually went to the ped's office this am, he had run a low grade fever yesterday, managed by Tylenol. Was cranky, wouldn't nap, then decided that from about 10pm to 2am he was ready to play!! Wow. Anyway, he woke up feverish again this am, and so I called the Ped's and they had me bring him in. He was feeling good when we went in, so we talked about his vomiting, and that the zantac was not helping at all in that regard, that it's been over a month of it and now he's lost a total of 10 oz. Again, not a great big huge amount of weight, but still, he's going the wrong direction, and eventually, it's going to become a problem. She upgraded him to prevacid 1/2 tab once a day. I'll start him on the prevacid tomorrow. His ears look good, a little redness in his nasal cavities, so maybe he's getting a cold. OK, I'll buy that. So now, it's almost 4pm, he's starting to feel hot again, so I give him some Tylenol, then a few minutes later Daniel remarks how hot he feels. So, after trying the ear scan thermometer and getting something different 5 times, I pulled out the old fashioned thermometer lubed it up and took the rectal temp, 102.6. I called the nurses line.

OK, so, she just called me back, and spoke to the Dr. I'm to keep giving him tylenol, and fluids, and if the temp rises, a luke-warm bath. If none of that works, a trip to the ER will be in order. She thinks it's the onset of a cold.

He's pretty unhappy, but not pulling his ears, and really not snotty or cold symptoms, except for his spit up, it's gotten slimy. (sorry for that)

OK - the other stuff: Daniel is still looking for a job in a market that hasn't got any. I've decided to throw my hat in the ring. One of us has to work. I don't want it to be me, but looks like PJ might have a stay at home dad for a time. Basically it's down to whoever finds work first..

Becca's first week of middle school was good and she seems to like all of her classes. Her check up today revealed great hearing, 20-20 vision, a perfect spine, good weight, glucose and bp levels. Yay.

I think that about sums us up for now.


Kristen said...

Oh, I hope that he is feeling better soon!!! Keep us updated.