Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hi all.

PJ slept thru the night, but woke up at 4am. He had a temp. of 101.6, high, but not as high as yesterday's spike of 102.6. So, I gave him some tylenol, his prevacid with a snack and let him play, which he did for a while. By 6 he was ready for a bottle and to go back to sleep. He woke at 8:30am, fever free. yay. He was good all day, happy, playing, and best of all, he did not throw up!! After yesterday's post, PJ's pediatrician called me to see how he was doing. I love how concerned she is, and on top of his case she's staying... It's not even her weekend to be on call.

She called again this morning, and again, a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I had to report that although he went fever free all day, it returned this afternoon around 3pm. Went and bought motrin, and gave that to him before he fell asleep. (around 6:30)

I expect we'll be up really early again tomorrow. He still is not displaying any cold symptoms, which I relayed, so she says she'll order blood tests tomorrow if he's still feverish. What causes a fever to come and go? Is it normal? I don't know, that's why I'm asking YOU. lol.

Mom had us over for dinner, she got the urge to actually COOK. It was terrific! Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy (PJ loved that) fresh green beans cooked with ham bits for flavoring! YUM. I ate too much and got FULL, only to find out she had chocolate pie for dessert. ugh. I ate some of that too. haha. PJ loved it!! He did start throwing up again late in the day, but much smaller amounts, and after the fever came back. I'm scratching my head about him. Hoping it's nothing, but worried that it's something. Pray for him, will you?

I'll update again tomorrow sometime. Thanks for checking in!