Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swallow study and upper G.I.

The instructions were to not give PJ anything for 3 hours prior to our 10 am appt. Since he generally wakes up between 5am and 6am and I generally give him his thyroid medicine along with a snack, and then breakfast around 8am. Well, today I gave him his breakfast at 6:45, so he'd be full as close to 7am as possible. We got to the hospital a few minutes before 10, but the registration desk told me I was to register him at the rehab desk. huh? OK, so we scoot over to the rehab dept, (I'm tired by this time because there's construction going on at the hospital, so we parked at the wrong end) and wait to register him. "They" whoever they are, forgot to tell rehab that we were to register him there, so there was the 20 minute phone call back and forth to registration before we actually got to register... uh. So, they took us over to radiology, where we waited, and waited, and waited until NEARLY NOON... and poor PJ was inconsolable by this time, so hungry, and mad because nobody was feeding him. Well, they put strawberry kwik in a bottle of barium, laid him on the xray table and he chugged away. The whole two tests took less than 20 minutes once we got started, and here's what they told me. That his aspiration is minimal and infrequent, no need to change anything about what he gets, except maybe to keep him on a slow flow nipple, and to have his head elevated. Yep. Do those already. They noted very little reflux, but of course, in 20 minutes they wouldn't see it with him. So, tomorrow I'm calling his pediatrician and asking for a Ped G.I. referral. (Thanks, kris10)I also am stopping the thyroid medicine (on the ok from the endocrinologist) for a week to see if that is in fact what is causing the vomiting. I also need to call the endo and let him know that I finally decided to quit the meds for a week to see if that will stop the vomiting. On an up note, I get to meet one of our kids tomorrow, and of course, his super cool mom who is driving an extra hour and a half just to meet us! Yay! I look forward to meeting Kristen and Ethan! Woooo hooooo.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Glad you're getting him into a GI and you'll LOVE Kristen and Ethan! They're some of my most favorite people in the world! :)