Sunday, June 24, 2007

Baby Shower

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Baby Shower
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Hello all! for those that will be participating, the date has been set, mark your calendars! August 11. It's a Saturday. I'm not sure of the time yet. I know it seems early, with a due date of October 5th, but there is an increased risk of PJ coming early, so it may not be as early as you'd think. Anyway, if you live in TN, you're invited. Shoot, even if you DONT live in TN, but want to come, come on! The more the merrier! My friends Cory and Helen (purple fairy) are throwing the party and it will be in Hendersonville. Please please please try to come, I worry about attendance.It's co-ed, so don't think just because you're male you're off the hook. Daniel does NOT want to be the only dude there.

Enjoy your weekend!!