Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some Really Shitty News

Original post - June 18, 2007 - Monday

Some Really Shitty News
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Hi friends and family, I'll start this blog by announcing that this one really doesn't have anything to do with the baby, so relax. He seems fine.

My husband started a new job about 3 weeks ago. He left a perfectly good job, because he got the offer of a little more money, and with the baby on the way, felt it would be the smart thing to do. Shortly after starting his new job, (within the first week) he twisted his knee. The project manager was there, saw it happen, and Daniel said he thought he'd be ok, and kept working. The following week, (last week) His knee was swelling and painful (especially on the ladder - which he'd been doing a lot of) So on Thursday, he asked the boss man if he could take the day off, icing and heating his knee, and allowing it a chance to rest. The boss man relented, but made sure that Daniel knew that he (the boss man) was gonna be a dick about workers comp. He told my husband that it was too late to file a workers comp claim, to which Daniel responded, he wasnt looking for a workers comp claim, he wanted to work, and to keep his job, he just was needing to rest the knee (he doesn't have health insurance, cost has always had him taking care of his, me taking care of Becca and I). So, anyway, this morning he goes in and is told he no longer is doing what he was hired to do, but he's now a commercial plumber, and to go to another job site. He called me and I KNEW it had something to do with that knee. Anyway, he went back to the shop after being run up and down a ladder several times, and asked for medical care, at which point he was fired. Although he told the other plumbers he was going back to the shop, the bossman told him that he was fired because he left the job without telling anyone. They told him he hurt himself at home, not at work, and they no longer needed his services. Talk about DIRTY.

So, we're (his attorney) going to the Tennessee Dept of Labor, to attempt to get a workers comp claim opened, and him some medical treatment. The problem is he can't go get a new job, until we have at least a partial resolution with the dirty employer company, I don't know how long this will take. Really bad timing. Although there's probably not ever a GOOD time to be injured. It's gonna be really hard to prepare for a non-paid maternity leave, on one income. I'm not panicking yet, but I'm really really really blue. It's not Daniel's fault, and I'm not mad with him. I'm just worried. you know.