Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back Surgery

Originally posted February 22, 2007 - Thursday

Back Surgery
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My mom had back surgery two days ago. Mom is 66 years old, lives alone since my dad passed away, 7 years ago. Mom lives in NC, as most of you know. I'll be going down there coincident with her release from rehab, (hopefully) in about a week and a half. I'll be there a week and a half, then my brother Ray will be there for a few weeks. I hate not being there for this. My daughter Danyse is doing all that she can, but she's young and has babies at home and cannot be there as much as we'd all like her to be. It's so hard to be "hands-on" on the phone, the nurses won't tell me anything, I haven't heard from the surgeon. I did leave a voice mail for the surgeon a little bit ago, hopefully I'll hear from him and get the reassurance that I need that she's going to be ok. Mom's been running a fever and now something about red blood cell count down, may need a transfusion, blah blah blah. I guess I'm just whining, because I feel like I should be there, taking care of her, not here, moaning to you all. Thanks for listening, and for sending any positivity that you can, my way, and hers.
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