Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pregnancy update

Original post - May 23, 2007 - Wednesday

Pregnancy update
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Well, I just got home from the Dr's, just the regular 4 week ob/gyn appt, where we talk about stuff, and then listen to little PJ's hearbeat, and measure the uterus. His heart rate is "perfect" says my dr, at 138 beats per minute. Everything else is "status quo". Next ob/gyn appt will be with a different Dr. in the group, 4 weeks from now. From this point forward, I'll see a different Dr. each time (I think there are 4) so that they all know me, for whenever PJ decides to make his appearance, the Dr on call that day will be prepared. No special plans will be made to deliver via cesarian, at this point in time. If as time goes on the baby seems to be "stressed", or they discover heart defects, then the plans will change. The fetal echocardiogram will be scheduled for sometime in approx 3 weeks. So, all is good. I've been attempting to learn and prepare for a baby with Down Syndrome ever since the diagnosis, but I'll never know enough, and I think about the women who find out at birth! I'd have a melt-down in that case for sure. So, the next scheduled news should be after the echocardiogram, which is fancy dr-ese for in-depth amnio at the fetal specialist so they can look at his heart and hopefully find nothing wrong!

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