Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kathy's new ride!

Originally posted March 25, 2007 - Sunday

Kathy's new ride!
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Category: Automotive

Hello my peeps! I hope that you all are having as lovely a weekend as I am. Even though most of my day was spent on the road yesterday, it was definately worth it! I got my new car. It's an '05 Pontiac Montana. It's got quite a few bells and whistles, and honestly, in my life time I have never had a car that did. I ALWAYS had to choose "economical", "gas conservative", "low payments", etc, etc, and usually ended up with a car that got me places, but wasn't, "special". Daniel insisted I have it this time, and I relented. The payments are reasonable, thanks to my mom, who I love anyway, but she really hung the moon for us on this one.