Sunday, June 24, 2007

pregnancy update, 25 weeks tomorrow

Original post - June 21, 2007 - Thursday

pregnancy update, 25 weeks tomorrow
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Hello all, I'll be brief. I had a ob/gyn appt today, all is well, the size of my cervix, hence the baby, is growing, the heart rate was at around 140 bpm, he was doing calesthenics at the moment. I get a 4 week reprieve before I go back, but then it looks like I'll be getting checked weekly, for baby comfort, growth, etc. I had to drink that nasty sweet stuff, and have my blood drawn, but lab was closed, so I'll know in the next few days whether or not I have gestational diabetes. I had it with Rebecca, so I won't be surprised to discover I have it again. I'll let you know. Other than that, aside from the normal pregnancy symptoms, ie, swollen feet and hands, heartburn, constipation, super sleepy, but unable to sleep well, every thing is GOOD.

Love to all,


Christina said...

all sounds good, except the uncomfy parts of pregnancy. Have an awesome week. Praying for those sugar results to be good :)

Just Kevin said...

Hey Kathy:

This is all good news! Hope the Gestational Diabetes test comes out ok. I know that would just complicate the last 3 months.

Please keep me posted.

Your friend;
Kevin (muah)