Sunday, June 24, 2007

new me, week 9 results, and other stuff, too

Originally posted December 4, 2006 - Monday

new me, week 9 results, and other stuff, too
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Good morning to all. I wanted to thank everyone for the support and concern they've shown for us all with Daniel's grandmother being ill. Daniel drove up to Akron Friday, spent Friday evening, most of Saturday, and Sunday morning with her. She has always been his biggest fan, biggest supporter, when all the rest of his family had given up on him, she never did. He loves her not only as his Grandmother, but she raised him in the beginning years of his life, so she's also more like his mother. The condition she has is nicknamed C.Diff, and it's killing her. They are going to put a feeding tube in either today or tomorrow to try to get some nourishment into her before she starves to death. Daniel is an emotional mess right now, so please, continue your prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts and energy. Rebecca had strep throat last week, but is doing well, back to school, no longer contagious. It's been a bad week.

On to the diet. This will be the last time I report HIS progress, for a while anyways, because he's just about mentally DONE with it. He's unable to be excited about weight loss, and I don't wanna have to post weight gain or no loss for him week after week. He did not gain, but did not lose, so he's holding steady right now at 27 lbs lost.

I, on the other hand, am still very excited about my progress, the diet, the fitting into things I haven't fit into for a very long time, etc. etc.
Since last week's blog on monday, I have lost an additional 6 lbs, putting me at 34 pounds in 9 weeks. I am ecstatic. Thrilled. Very happy about this part of my life.

That's where we are for the moment. Thanks so much for reading, and have a great week.

(updated today 6/24/07, Daniel's grandma is home and doing well)