Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Me, in the new year

Originally posted January 8, 2007 - Monday

New Me, in the new year
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Good morning to all and happy new year! It's been what, 3 weeks since I reported my diet progress? (yes, I just checked). ok. so. 3 weeks. almost 1/2 of that 3 weeks was spent out of town, at mom's, daniel's mom's, daniel's dad's, and they all fed us, and fed us well. Although I was OFF my diet, I was more conservative in my eating than in past years. I didn't go to the candy dish, which mom always keeps full at Christmas time. Any way, when I got home, I weighed, and I had gained one pound. I was ecstatic, to say the least. Now that it's back to monday morning, I weighed again and have lost the one I gained, plus two more, So, since last report, i'm down 3 additional pounds, bringing my total to 39 pounds in 12 weeks of trying. (I excluded the 3 weeks of NOT trying. But it's 15 weeks since I began reporting. So anyway, I'm very very happy. I'm not thin, I still have many many pounds to lose, but I am going strong.

Love to all,