Sunday, June 24, 2007

pregnancy update

Original post June 11, 2007 - Monday

pregnancy update
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It's been over a week, right? And I've had a few requests, so, I'll give you what I've got, which ain't much.

I've been hit with the horrible pregnancy ailment known as ... constipation. I feel like there's a brick sitting inside my pelvic bone. Almost like labor. Hard to be active with a brick in your butt! Catch 22, right? more action less uh, crowding.. Ok, enough of that. You all get the idea, and know what I'm talking about.

Little PJ has been very active. (I THINK - it's only been almost 11 years since I was pregnant) He moves and kicks and Becca felt him a few days ago, and Daniel felt him last night! So I'm getting kidney punched and rib kicked several times every day, and if I wasnt SO excited about this little guy in here, I'd probably be mad about the abuse. LOL.

Thursday morning at 9am is the fetal echocardiogram via ultrasound at the specialist's office, at which time I hope to have the opportunity to ask their opinion as to my continued care at the ob/gyn office I'm currently being seen at. They don't have a lot of experience dealing with a Down Syndrome pregnancy, which I've learned from some of the mommy's in different forums, it's not just the baby, but the whole pregnancy, placenta and all, that has DS. So, I've been patiently waiting for this upcoming opportunity to see what they think. I'll let you all know.

That's pretty much it from here. I hope you all have a great week, and talk to you soon!