Sunday, June 24, 2007

I've been Traded!

Originally posted March 15, 2007 - Thursday

I've been Traded!
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I'm still not sure how all of this will play out, but I need to tell you what's up in the job dept. lately. I've been with this firm for just over 3 years. On Tuesday, my boss tells me I'm being "lent" to a friend of his, a Dr., who also happens to run an Emergency Room Physicians Group, more than one, in fact. Basically he owns the doctors who work the Emergency Room at a certain hospital. (he doesn't really own them, this I know, but for simplicity of explanation, indulge me, ok?) He also has administrative staff, to keep track of the records for billing purposes, among other things, I am sure. So, my lawyer boss tells me I am NOT being laid off, and not to freak out, it's a way for his friend who is in need of a "good worker" to benefit, for me to benefit, as this Dr. fellow will pay me significantly more per hour to work for him, and my law firm to benefit, because right now, for this particular firm, business is slow and there's not a lot of income at this particular time.

I'm being "lent" because of my current "eating for two" status. My boss thinks enough about me to show me as a continued employee of the company in order for me NOT to lose my insurance benefits in this critical time.

I'm working "on site" at a hospital, even farther than what I was already driving, which is fine, if my car survives, part of the hospital policy for employees is to have a TB (tuberculosis) skin test, no biggie, except I know that I was exposed over 20 years ago, on my honeymoon in marriage number one, when we went to Honduras, and have tested positive ever since. I don't have TB. I guess I am at a greater risk than most, however of getting it because I was exposed at some time. So the way to prove I don't have TB is with a clear lung x-ray, which I don't happen to have a current one on file anywhere. I understand hospitals have rules, like anyone else. ... I am 11 weeks pregnant, however, and not really wanting to subject my baby to any unnecessary radiation. I am placing a call to my obstetrician this morning to ask her opinion. I did some online research, and it looks like it's probably safe, but I'm really not excited about it, you know? It appears I will have no internet access, so my time with you will be even shorter than before, please understand, it's not by my choice. So, being the suspicious natured person I am, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, I'll keep you up to date as things progress.