Sunday, June 24, 2007

update on mom, and other things

Originally posted March 6, 2007 - Tuesday

update on mom, and other things
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I wish there was a blog category named "family"

Ok, I've been here at my mom's in Raleigh NC, since Saturday, and will be here until Monday morning, when I will joyfully return home to my daughter Rebecca and my husband Daniel. I miss them so much.

Mom is doing very well, I was finally able to get her first physical therapy appointment scheduled for this Thursday, so I am hoping for even more improvement. She came home from the rehab center on Sunday, and is doing very very well. To all my friends who have prayed for her, thank you so much. She still needs a walker to walk, but has very little pain, for having had steel rods drilled into her spine. I'm very very pleased with how her recovery is going, and she is happy too. This is the 2nd surgery that she's had in the same location, and the last recovery was horrible.

I am loving being pregnant, so far very few symptoms of pregnancy, other than my breasts aching all the time, and emotional crying jags every now and again. Rebecca is thrilled that she will be a big sister, finally. Isn't it odd that I seem to have a child once every 11 years? 1985, 1996 and 2007. Very, very strange to me, kind of reinforces my theory on patterns. If it holds true, (my random pattern theory) This baby will be a boy. My grandmother, my mother, my sister AND my daughter have had 2 girls and a boy. I was holding steady at 2 girls.

So, there you have my blog update, Oh!! Please take a look at my new layout. Am missing being home, but mom is loving having me here, and she is excited about the news of our growing family.

hugs and love to all!