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Ok, so it sounds really exciting, right? Well, ummm, it's not. It's not bad, either. Not a whole lot going on, really. Daniel and I thought, since it's 4 weeks between Dr. appts, and that one Doctor had given us so much negativity (your baby might not survive), that in order to have some peace of mind, we'd buy a baby heart monitor, for in between Dr. appts. So, it arrived on Tuesday, and I read the instructions, and used the goo, and searched and searched and searched, and could not find the heart beat. Tried again Wednesday morning, and still nothing. So, I wasn't really in a panic, but I was concerned, so I called the obstetrician's office, and they had me go in so that THEY could check for a heartbeat. They were unable to find it too. But my doctor, without wasting a lot of time searching, rolled in the portable ultrasound machine, and found my baby, heart beating, arms waving. I was so relieved. She told me that early in pregnancy, it's really not a big deal if the heart beat can't be found, the baby is little, and in my case, encased in a whole lot of belly. I'll be able to wait now, until my next appt, which is the 25th. It's just a regular appt, at which time I'll be 17 weeks along, and we'll schedule an in-depth ultrasound for the following week, where they'll do all kinds of measurements, and check for whatever they check for, and very possibly, determine the sex of the baby.

I'm feeling very good, physically, no morning sickness, it's really been a breeze so far. Mentally and emotionally I have moments of sadness and worry, but Daniel and Rebecca are great at talking me through them, and I'm mostly happy. The only other "symptoms" that seem pretty persistant are the really sore/tender boobies, and the energy level is pretty good until around 8:30 pm, at which time I get tired of hearing myself yawn! I've never been a late night person, but lately, once the sun goes down, i'm about done. So, that's it from my little part of the world.

I'll update again whenever there's something more to share, and thanks to every one of you for the love and support. I cherish it, and you.

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