Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Me, week 2 results

Originally posted October 16, 2006

New Me, week 2 results
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Hi friends,

Last week was a good week; we cheated a little, but with Subway sandwiches, not BigMacs and french fries! We also made adjustments to the diet we were following.

(For those who care, we started phase one of The South Beach Diet, which is very strict. NO sugar, NO bread, NO rice NO pasta, NO corn, NO peas, NO potatoes, NO carrots, but as much as we want of most other veggies. Basically {and I'm leaving lots out, go buy the book if you're seriously interested}, meat, eggs, lowfat cottage cheese, low fat cheese, and veggies.)

Phase 1 is supposed to last 2 weeks, but we were so pissed off by the end of week one, even WITH the amazing results, we knew that to try to continue another week like that might spell the end of our diet. (too many withdrawals from the Bank of Will Power – left us with a negative balance)

I wasn't sure how we would do with having made "adjustments" i.e. apples, rice cakes. I was worried about blowing it, and in truth didn't think that I had lost anything. Daniel is able to eat more than I, and cheat a bit more, without having negative results, because he's a man, for one, and two, he's on his feet all day working physical work. Me? I'm on my ass all day being mental – which does NOT burn the same amount of calories.

We also went and bought a weight bench and weights, and are starting to do some working out at the house. I'm gonna be buff!! (j/k)

So, after all is said and done, the results: another 4 lbs! Each of us!. Crazy isn't it? Neck and neck. Total of 19 lbs in 2 weeks. Woooohoooooo! I'm so over the top excited!

Again, update for you all next week, keep your fingers crossed for us.

Love and respect to all.