Sunday, June 24, 2007


Original post June 3, 2007 - Sunday

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Today was the DownSyndromeAssociation of Middle Tennessee's annual picnic.

It was held at a water park in Nashville, and I met lots of people, most of whom's names I already forget (chalk it up to Pregnancy brain, that's what I'm blaming it on) I DO remember I met Shelby, from my town (she's on here) and her husband and some of her kids, including little Wills, her sweet angel boy who is SO darling, and sweet sweet sweet.

I met a mommy named Honey (and I can't remember her hubby's name), but they were charming and informative and NICE.

AND I met Anara and her hubby (why can't I remember a husband's name?), and their beautiful babies, Clara and Allan. I LOVED them, and they might be moving to my town, which is fabulous, because Anara is an NICU nurse, on top of being a mommy to a special needs baby, and boy would I love to have her close!! She's the bomb, gave me a bag full of newborn boy clothes. AND she's a sweetheart! Daniel played catch with one of the little boys he met there and Rebecca made friends and went on the water slides. We met Scott, a young man of 23 with DS who enjoys country music and wrestling and he was fun to chat with. Shiela, the director of the association was SO nice, gave me the name and number of a great pediatrician, who cares for a number of the DS babies in the area. All in all, I'm SOOOO glad we went. I'm really tired, it was a HOT sunny day. But worth it. Oh yeah, I forgot (pregnancy brain) my camera. GRRRR. I'm so mad about THAT.