Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Me, week 6 results

Originally posted November 13, 2006 - Monday

New Me, week 6 results
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Hi. Anybody getting sick of me yet? (j/k, if you are, I DON'T want to know)

Ok, so, the totals for the week:

Daniel gained a pound adjusting his total for 6 weeks to 24 lbs lost.
Kathy lost 2 pounds bringing my total for 6 weeks to 27 lbs lost.

Daniel bought a treadmill from a co-worker who's grandmother gave it to him because the grandfather for whom it was purchased wasn't using it. So, supposedly it was a really nice one, hardly used, for $100. "Great" I said, "Awesome", I said. He brought it home on Friday. I walked for about 7 minutes before I started smelling smoke and the damn thing stopped so fast I almost fell on my face!! When Daniel tried it out to make sure it worked before bringing it home, he just turned it on. It'll run forever with no weight on it, i guess. He actually said (while trying to figure out what the problem was) "Maybe you're too heavy" Well, gee, ya think? He didn't mean it like that, but it was kind of masochistically comical. So, I said, "well, that's why I wanted a treadmill, to help with the fitness and weight loss. I can't lose the weight first, then use the treadmill after", duh! Anyway, the co-worker really didn't know, he had it in his garage and never used it himself. He says he'll give Daniel the money back. So, I am back to trying to get to work early to use the treadmill they have here. (it's a better quality treadmill, anyway)