Sunday, June 24, 2007

"No Shit" "What the Hell were You Thinking" & "Shut the F_ _ _ Up"

Originally posted March 1, 2007 - Thursday

"No Shit" "What the Hell were You Thinking" & "Shut the F_ _ _ Up"
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Those were some of the responses we've gotten since yesterday, as, one by one, we started sharing the news, "Kathy & Daniel are going to have a baby".

Crazy huh? I've been reluctant to spread the news, it's very early, and as anyone can see by my profile data, I'm getting up there. Also, being a woman, it's part of who I am to worry, about things I have no control over.

So, anyway, I was thinking that I couldn't get pregnant, that's what I was thinking. Clearly, I was wrong.

I just found out yesterday morning with the EPT, and called the obstetrician and was able to get in there today. Nowadays, a positive EPT is as good as gospel, but to confirm, they rolled in this ultrasound machine, and took a snap of my little peanut. Here he or she is, ladies and gents, Baby Barr.....